Great Crested Grebe. I crawled down around 40 - 50 m to get this shot, hiding behind the bush. I didn't want to announce my presence, especially when she (or he, couldn’t tell the difference) was incubating her eggs. A slight disturbance could tempt her to leave. My clothes were completely covered with mud and birds' droppings. People were looking at me strangely. But it was all well worth it, and as sky opened up and evening sun-rays gently fall on her, I quickly fired my shutter button to take this lovely portraits.
Sadly though, this bird couldn't breed this year. The nest was close to the bank and strollers were letting their dogs off the hook to swim nearby. I could feel her nervousness and anxiety on my skin. Surprisingly, she was quite bold though, but I guess, she eventually gave up. I don't know if it were Geese or Dogs or something else but this time the eggs didn't hatch.
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